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Canadian Tripple Star processes used clothing and exports overseas as well as distributing in the Canada. Our clothing is collected from the best areas of various countries.

Being a wholesale second hand clothing distributor we mostly sell in small 20 ft. or big 40 ft. containers. We do our best to satisfy our customers, so if you plan to order 2 containers or more, we can offer even better pricing. We strongly advise you to contact our staff to get a full second hand wholesale price!

We are a wholesale sorting facility for second hand clothes with our main business premises in Mississauga.

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Recycling Clothes

We collect, sort and grade thousands of pounds of credential clothing daily. Our mission is to become a viable alternative to landfills. The recycling clothes process not only reduces waste and saves our environment but also creates new jobs for the our citizens. We cooperate with many online stores that sell used clothing and also with charities and organizations that take care of people and our environment.

We run campaigns in schools and churches as well as hand out flyers on how to deal with textile waste. We bale clothing to ensure almost 100% of container utilization. The last step in ecological footprint reduction is we reduce the amount of garbage to a minimum by recycling destroyed clothes.

Why we are so successful?

We conduct our business in new and highly sophisticated premises designed specifically for the purpose of sorting second hand clothes. We are very particular about and guarantee the quality of the supplied second hand clothing. In this way we ensure the satisfaction of your customers – and consequently your satisfaction too.

We pay great attention to our sorting system in order to be able to offer our customers only the best and make them happy to come back to us. In cooperation with our customers we regularly modify the product range sorting system so that individual qualities match the current fashion trends. We maintain good business relationships with suppliers from western countries in the European Union, as well as other countries where we export second hand clothes.

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